Congratulations To Danny DeVito On His Hollywood Star

Have you ever been to the Hollywood Walk of Fame? I hadn’t until very recently. It’s weird! It is basically a stretch of, like, bodegas and fishnet stockings stores but with a fancy sidewalk. (Even “fancy sidewalk” might be stretching it.) Actually, I guess that is kind of appropriate. Showbuzz! Anyway, Danny DeVito! That guy is seriously (not seriously) the Madonna** of comedy. I’m not really joking. I liked him and the movies that he was in when I was a child, and I like him and the TV show he is on now as an adult, and there are very few other people who have careers like that. It’s rare! You might like something now that you liked as a child, but often times you like it BECAUSE you liked it as a child and it brings up nostalgic feelings for you, or whatever. The people don’t usually adapt themselves over time to remain relevant*. In retrospect, maybe it was weird that I loved the movie Ruthless People, which is about a desperate couple kidnapping a rich dude’s wife only to discover that he doesn’t want her back and was planning on killing her anyway. You know, KIDZ STUFFFFF. But we are not here to talk about me or my parents’ divorce or any of that stuff, we’re here to celebrate Danny DeVito on his special day. You did it, buddy! (Via ONTD.)

*There are a couple of other comedic actors who have tried this with debatable results. Robin Williams, of course, took a turn towards the dramatic, but personally I do not like it, and I stopped being interested in his comedy when I was 14, too manic and desperate and also not funny. (Although I’m sure some people really like his dramatic work, in which case maybe HE is the Madonna of comedy for some people.) Then there is Bill Murray. Well, OK, so, Bill Murray is probably the Madonna of comedy. Sorry, Danny DeVito! But you can keep the Hollywood Star. That’s yours!
**One could also make the argument that Madonna isn’t even the Madonna of Madonna at this point, since she hasn’t really done anything of much interest since 2002’s Swept Away (good one, gotcha!). But let’s just stick with her as a valid metaphor since some of us, no telling who, haven’t even had breakfast yet. Annnnd back to this post being about us. Sorry, Danny!