Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Look at this “quirky girl” movie parody short featuring AARON PAUL!! OUR Aaron Paul! We love him so much! -Funny or Die
  • Andy Dwyer, of Parks and Recreation, is one of the best characters ever. Here is a montage of him being the best that you are going to love because why wouldn’t you. -EW
  • Here are some photos of Zooey Deschanel, Elizabeth Banks, and Rashida Jones at the Our Idiot Brother premier. Who wore it best????? Right?? That question is appropriate??? -Just Jared
  • Do you like The Big Lebowski? If so, here are some photos and videos from the Big Lebowski reunion. If not, there is nothing for you here, keep moving. -Uproxx
  • Did you know you can watch World War Z shoot in not Philadelphia live via webcam? Well it’s true that you can if you want to for some reason! -FilmDrunk
  • Here’s a game: Picture an escalator. How long is it? Normal length? Well now look at this one! -TheDailyWhat
  • Hahah, that was a really fun game in that last bullet, wasn’t it? Great game. Anyway, I guess the Situation/Abercrombie & Fitch thing from yesterday was a publicity stunt, ZZzzzzZz, boring, snooze, who cares. -The Superficial
  • Lots of British women are talking about not getting plastic surgery lately. Here is another one. Helen Mirren. Dame Helen Mirren. And here’s a fun question to go along with it: What have YOU had done? I’ve had these things: Eyes, body, head, face, feet, limbs, insides. -Dlisted
  • It’s Robert Redford’s 1000th birthday today. Movieline asks, “What was his best onscreen moment?” I respond, “When he was in the Twilight Zone NEXT QUESTION.” -Movieline
  • Holy moly this is an ACTUAL “who wore it best” and the answer is “SO MANY PEOPLE AND NONE OF THEM.” -Celebuzz
  • Salon explains why box office revenue numbers don’t tell the whole box office revenue story. Is it because all of the popular kids stuff the box office revenue box with fake ballots for their friend’s movie because they know she can’t win on her own, even though she is so deluded that she believes she can, and she will be just the biggest bitch if she doesn’t win and plus it will damage the popularity of the group? Click to find out! -Salon