Anderson Cooper Loses It While Talking About Gerard Depardieu’s “PeeGate” (Just Made That Up. Get It? Pee But Also Airplanes?)

On last night’s episode of Anderson Cooper 360, the Peabody-award winning journalist* made French actor Gerard Depardieu the subject of his light-hearted “Ridiculist” segment in which he pokes fun at some silly news story. Mr. Depardieu, of course, earned this honor when it was widely reported that Gerard Depardieu PEED ON THE CARPET OF AN AIRPLANE. In his report, Anderson Cooper delivers one great pun after another–and I do mean GREAT, like, if there is a pun category at this year’s Pulitzers, Anderson Cooper is going to sweep–until he gets to “should thank their lucky stars this wasn’t De-part-two,” at which point he has a total Giggle Breakdown. Not a partial Giggle Breakdown, either. A TOTAL Giggle Breakdown. You’ll see:

Obviously, our thoughts and prayers are with the serious journalists and their cue card writers during this difficult and hilarious time. (Via TVNewser.)

* I have no idea if he has actually won a Peabody or not, but that is a journalism award, I think? He seems nice, just give him one if he doesn’t have one already!