My Robot Could Paint That

Do you guys remember the documentary My Kid Could Paint That? That was a pretty good documentary! If you want my opinion, I don’t think their kid “painted that.” Shocking opinion I know, but I have a bold mind and I’m NOT afraid to use it. Was that ever resolved? Whatever happened with that? With this video, though, unlike with that documentary, I fully believe that this robot painted this. Number one because I saw it in the video and number two because HOLY MOLY IS THAT A BAD PAINTING! Haha! Robots! You are very, very bad at a lot of the things you try to do. The only thing I wish with this video is that they didn’t show the actual painting until the very end. Because I really expected this to be a very good painting before watching the video at all. Because robots? They can be programmed to make paintings, I’m sure. And if you were expecting a very good painting the whole time and then at the end it was this painting? Hahah! That would have been a hilarious surprise. But no. This one paints according to sounds from a microphone or whatever and I guess it only heard the dumbest looking sounds. Some of the other ones they showed at the end weren’t too bad though. Right? Sorry, robot. I don’t know art but I know when a robot makes a terrible painting. (Via BoingBoing.)