Why Is World War Z Shooting Philadelphia In Glasgow?

I went to college in Philadelphia, which is very impressive, and I love it very much even though it is kind of terrible, so that is my full disclosure before I begin here, but, so, I have to ask: What the F is going on here with Brad Pitt’s World War Z kind of attempting to dress up Glasgow as Philadelphia? I mean, I think I might know why Brad Pitt’s World War Z is filming in Glasgow rather than Philadelphia. Which is because Pennsylvania offers a tax credit thing for movies, I don’t know, it’s boring, and back in February it looked like it wouldn’t be offered anymore. And this was when some major films like the next Bourne movie, The Dark Knight Rises, and World War Z were getting ready to film there. So I guess, at that point, World War Z, which is set in Philadelphia, decided to look for other locations to film. But. GLASGOW?!

Guys! That is not what Philadelphia looks like! That is not really what anywhere in America looks like, I don’t think! Why did you go so far away! A genuine question I have, because I know nothing, and I don’t really expect to get an answer here but I’d like to ask it anyway, is: Is it that important for a movie that is going to spend roughly $60,000,0000,0000,0000 anyway to save money by moving production to a place that isn’t going to be a great stand in for the city in which the movie takes place? I definitely don’t know all of the pieces to this story. All I know is what I’ve already said. Maybe there are some very good incentives to film in Glasgow. Maybe Brad Pitt just LIKES Glasgow. Maybe Glasgow pays Brad Pitt to film there. Maybe Glasgow knows a dirty secret about Brad Pitt and they are going to tell it to everyone if he doesn’t film World War Z there. Maybe at the end of World War Z you find out that they’ve actually been in Glasgow the whole time. Who knows. But, barring those possibilites, WTF? Guys? WTF is going on with this movie? (Via Ain’tItCool.)