Man Wearing A Horse Mask Playing The Piano

The problem with advertising as a general rule is that it is a crude attempt to sell you something you almost certainly don’t need. At this point, even water, which you DO need, has been commodified and turned into a luxury. As information becomes more accessible, and the market becomes more attuned to the marketers, it becomes harder and harder for these advertisers to fool people. Everyone kind of suspects at this point that they’re being sold a bill of goods, and they’re much more vigilant because in the Internet era there is nothing more embarrassing than “being had.” You have to be clever now. You have to be clever as a consumer so that people don’t think you’re a dope, which means you have to be extra clever as an advertiser to trick the dopes who don’t think they’re dopes anymore but who are definitely still dopes. That’s how you get everyone to wear your skinny jeans when regular jeans are more comfortable. That’s how you get everyone to buy more pomegranate-flavored vodka when yesterday plain vodka did the trick. It’s an evolving dance and everyone is working very hard to keep up. But the thing is, the whole thing would be so much simpler if everyone was just more honest with each other. If you have something that I want, tell me. And I’ll buy it. Enough with the rigamarole, Dean Dryper. Be a straight-shooter. Everyone wins.

For example: this is a video of a man wearing a horse mask playing the piano. You either want it or you don’t.

As advertised. (Via ViralVideos.)