This Tom Waits/Cookie Monster Mashup Is Just Completely Correct

I’m not sure what your relationship is with Tom Waits OR Cookie Monster, but even if you have 0 relationship with either of them I think it’s pretty clear to you that this is just a very good thing that is completely correct in every way and you love it so much. Even if you don’t necessarily like “mashup” videos very much, and generally don’t even watch them when they are presented to you because why bother usually, you are looking at this video right now and thinking, “Oh. This is very good.” And maybe this has even been done before? I certainly haven’t seen every mashup, because why bother usually, so maybe someone has made a video mashup of, like, Elmo singing a Lil Wayne song, which would also be good. And maybe some of you are thinking, “This is fine but it’s no ‘Elmo singing Lil Wayne.'” But I’d have to break the news to those people that they are incorrect. This is the best. Either this is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life or I am just VERY tired. I don’t know I can’t make that call right now, because it is true that I am very tired and also think I may be coming down with a cold unfortunately, but I’m pretty sure that this video is just the best. (Via BoingBoing.)