Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • OMGosh, look at this video of Emma Stone (“Emily Stone”) from forever ago, singing on In Search of The Partridge Family, a reality TV show that she was a contestant on! -BWE
  • Help FilmDrunk in their quest to give Kevin Smith fans a unifying identifier! -FilmDrunk
  • This is just a very good animated GIF. -TheDailyWhat
  • Here are some new VERY sexy Courtney Stodden pictures and Twitter quotes. There is nothing at all unsexy about anything you will see when you click on this link here. It is all very sexy and don’t even bother to get a barf bucket or emergency eye washing station ready at all. -The Superficial
  • I love J.K. Simmons. Look at all of this J.K. Simmons stuff all gathered together in one place. -UProxx
  • Hahaha, aw, I hate to be a teenage boy about things like this, except that that is a lie, but look at this suggestive Selma Hayek quote! -Celebuzz
  • Movieline has an important question about Oscar-worthiest anger to ask you. -Movieline
  • Were you way too sad when you heard Kate + 8 got canceled yesterday? Well don’t worry! Because maybe she will get her own TV show and you’ll never feel as lonely as you did yesterday ever again! -Warming Glow
  • The A.V. Club has taken a look at a few different film franchises that all of the sudden got real weird. Why not take a look with them? Hm? You’re already at a computer. -AV Club
  • Here’s an interview with the very lovely, and I love him very much, Joel McHale. But guess whether or not the topic of Ryan Seacrest is discussed? And guess whether or not he calls him short? JUST GUESS. IN THE YEAR 2011. -Vulture
  • Why aren’t these actors famous? Just give me one reason. Give me one reason and I’ll leave you alone about it but you have to just say something. -Salon