“I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!” – Your Television

A group of scientists in Australia has published their findings (via Vulture) linking television watching with shortened life spans. Yikes! But we love TV! If this is true it will be the first time that something that people enjoy indulging in without moderation would turn out to be bad for them. But guys, look at these statistics:

Compared with persons who watch no TV, those who spend a lifetime average of 6 h/day watching TV can expect to live 4.8 years (95% UI: 11 days to 10.4 years) less. On average, every single hour of TV viewed after the age of 25 reduces the viewer’s life expectancy by 21.8 (95% UI: 0.3โ€“44.7) min.

And also:

Conclusions: TV viewing time may be associated with a loss of life that is comparable to other major chronic disease risk factors such as physical inactivity and obesity.

On the one hand, this is pretty sad news for anyone who enjoys unwinding after a long day at the office with a Law & Order: Sexy Victims Unit marathon, which is everyone. Everyone enjoys that. (Fun Fact: Sexy Victims Unit is my grandmother’s favorite of the Law & Order franchises. Now that is a FUN fact!) On the other hand: I AM GOING TO SUE VIDEOGUM FOR ONE MILLION DOLLARS FOR HAZARDOUS WORKING CONDITIONS! You better lawyer up, Scott, because what’s cooler than a million dollars may be a billion dollars but I’m coming for everything which I think is a million dollars. SUSTAINED!