Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Could Sex and the City return to TV? I don’t know, is the world a vampire? It is? Oh then yeah I think it can probably return to TV at some point. -Vulture
  • There will no longer be a Johnny Depp The Lone Ranger movie. But will there be a Johnny Depp Lone RANGERS movie? Like from Airheads? Remember that movie? Important questions. -FilmDrunk
  • Here is a supercut of a bunch of actors before they were famous. “Did you know [this actor] was in [this movie]?!” “Nooo way! You are the coooooolest!” is a conversation you can have later with a friend. -TheDailyWhat
  • Aww, look at how much this giant dog missed his military owner. Awwww. It is a giant. -Dlisted
  • Holy moly, lady of interest Lindsay Lohan is covered in blood in these photos. I know I say this a lot, but why can’t I be the one who has a dumb photo shoot where I’m covered in blood for no reason? That would be the best! -Celebuzz
  • Here’s another trailer for Our Idiot Brother. I want to see that movie. Do you? Want to go with me? Just kidding, we’re strangers. -Just Jared
  • Some Aziz Ansari GIFs for you to enjoy. -ScreenJunkies
  • Mindy Kaling talked with E! recently about the new season of The Office. Now you can read what she said to them! -E!
  • This Terminator Twitter account is enjoyable and it only takes like 5 seconds to enjoy it. That’s the best of both worlds! Right? -BuzzFeed
  • Who should play Patti Smith in the Just Kids movie? Young Charlotte Gainsbourg? Yes. -Movieline
  • AMC has renewed Breaking Bad for 16 final episodes. Great. Perfect. Honestly. -Hollywood Reporter
  • The Help actress Jessica Chastain had to gain 15 pounds for the role and said it was torture. “Yeah, tell me about it.” – These guys. -Salon
  • Arrested Development in LEGOs. Enjoy. I recently had a mini-fight about LEGOs because I didn’t believe the person I was talking to actually liked LEGOs because he is an adult. Rather, I believe that he only likes liking LEGOs. Still unresolved. But I do hope you enjoy these! -Warming Glow