That’s Your Uniqlo Model: David Karp

Does everyone know what Uniqlo is? And who David Karp is? Well, I’m going to write this post as if you are all my parents, because this one might actually take a little bit of explaining for some people and also have you noticed how there is this tendency in blogs–a tendency that this blog indulges in more than most, even–to just sort of get right into it as if we all have the same base level of knowledge about a thing when maybe some of us do not have that base level of knowledge and might not even be sure where to get it? That can be frustrating. Genuinely. Let’s all get up to speed! Anyway, for those of you who may not know what Uniqlo is, it’s a Japanese clothing brand, kind of like Gap or H&M, but, you know, Japanese, so a little nicer and a little fancier. Or at least I am sure that is what they would have you believe. (Videogum is not sponsored by Uniqlo. Yet.) I know they have a store on Broadway in New York and that is all I know. Do they have other stores in the United States? There is absolutely no way to find out this information. The technology just isn’t there. Meanwhile, David Karp is the founder of Tumblr. Do you know what that is, mom? Let me know if you know what that is, mom. So, in order to advertise their brand of selvage denim jeans and low-cost cashmere cardigan sweaters in basic colors, Uniqlo made a video of David Karp talking about his blog invention. Wait, what?

This is called ASPIRATIONAL MARKETING. David Karp is OUR Vinzo Chasey! Let’s all go invent a successful blog platform for children and tuck our jeans into our boots. #swag