Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • What’s better than two guys you love interviewing each other? Huh? Lots of stuff? Lots of stuff, but that thing is still a great thing? Fair enough! Here is Nick Kroll interviewing Rob McElhenney. -ONTD
  • Watch this new Jay Z and Kanye video. There’s a special cameo in it from a guy we all love. I won’t tell you who it is. I’ll give you a hint, though: His name rhymes with A Sneeze I’m Sorry. -Stereogum
  • Have you ever listened to the FilmDrunk podcast thing? You should! It’s called Frotcast. In this episode they talk about the 30 Minutes or Less controversy and then also other things. Listen to it at work! It’s friday! -FilmDrunk
  • Watch this stop motion sculpture, it looks neat and you’ll enjoy it and it’ll only take like a minute. -TheDailyWhat
  • Oooohh, look at Joseph Gordon Levitt on the set of Dark Knight Rises. In a video, even! This is exciting for Jo-Go-Lev fans and Dark Knight Rises fans alike. You’re all excited, right? This thing makes you excited? I’m a Jo-Go fan, myself. -Celebuzz
  • A bunch of pop culture “Deal With It” GIFs. You love this so much already and you didn’t even click on it yet. -Uproxx
  • Dean says he got “chills” when reading a script from the next season of Supernatural. Psh. Such a DEAN thing to say. -Just Jared
  • Bryan Cranston is going to be adapting a crime thriller with the producer of Breaking Bad! That will probably be good! It has all the parts of something that can be good! -Movieline
  • Are you curious about George Lopez’s final monologue? Kind of? You hadn’t thought about it but now that I mention it you are kind of curious? Great. -BuzzFeed
  • Oh, we have some Friday Night Lights news for you super fans here. EW has a clip of Coach Taylor’s hidden farewell speech. Whoooaaaaa. -EW
  • Salon has put together a collection of TV’s greatest roommates and I commend them on their effort. But: No one from ANY season of the Real World? C’mon, how am I supposed to trust any list that doesn’t include anyone from any season of the Real World? -Salon
  • Remember all the Darabont nonsense from yesterday? Well, Kurt Sutter, creator of Sons of Anarchy (“we know”), has come out to defend him. Gr8 for D-bont. -Huffington Post