Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Alan Ball is developing a show for Cinemax (ooh lala) set in Pennsylvania Amish Country. Will the Amish people be vampires? TBD. (Not TBD.) (They will not be.) (I don’t think.) -Vulture
  • The World War Z movie is not going to be like the book very much. That means nothing to me because I am not a nerd, but maybe you are upset about it? Nerd? FilmDrunk is also upset about it and is a nerd! -FilmDrunk
  • Sesame Workshop has issued a response to the misguided online petition to have Bert and Ernie get married. Guess what they said. C’mon, just guess. One guess. Just take one guess about what they said. -Sesame Workshop
  • Here’s a scary PSA about lying your friend on their side when they are drunk to make them not die. This is also a fun thing to do to a friend who is only a little bit drunk when you just want to annoy them. Also: “Come on, please just drink some water.” Hahah. Very funny every time. -TheDailyWhat
  • Gwyneth Paltrow and I have the same book shelf for our religious texts. -Dlisted
  • Look at Kristen Stewart not look like herself at all in some photos for W. I bet these are the ones she’s going to pick for her Facebook profile picture, too, right? That is just SO like Kristen Stewart. It’s like, we know what you look like!! Who are you fooling?? With those Facebook profile pictures??? -Celebuzz
  • Here is Halle Barry with a resume in her hand that a fan gave her. WOWOWOW. Fan’s life made, I’m sure. Just Jared asks, “Have you ever given a resume to one of your idols?” And I respond, “Does emailing my resume to [email protected] twice a week for two years count?” -Just Jared
  • Salon takes a look at why TBS cancelled Lopez Tonight. Oh, I don’t know, because they’re RACISTS? jk. -Salon
  • Spoiler alert (LOL), this article explains to you why spoiler alerts actually make your entertainment experiences better. So here: He’s is dead the whole time and all the red stuff MEANS STUFF. -Wired
  • The producer of American Reunion admits that the American Pie sequels all kind of sucked. You take that back, American Reunion producer! -Movieline
  • Here are five standup comedians who Nerve thinks should be stars. I agree with some of these! -Nerve
  • LaMarcus Tinker, of Friday Night Lights, the show you love, will be joining the cast of Glee as Mercedes boyfriend. Awwwww young loooovee on TTTVVVV. -People