R.I.P. Lopez Tonight

Sad news today for the Lopeziacs. From the Hollywood Reporter:

TBS is pulling the plug on its late night effort, Lopez Tonight.

According to a network spokesperson, Thursday night will be the final episode of the George Lopez vehicle.
The series, which premiered in November 2009, has struggled to garner broad viewership in an increasingly crowded late night landscape. He was bumped back an hour to a midnight slot to accommodate Conan O’Brien’s Conan earlier this year.

To some people, it might have always seemed like an unnecessary attempt to fill a niche that didn’t exist: a second-string late night player on a basic cable network with a passion for racial pandering using that passion to the weirdest ends possible (seriously, boys, what WAS that DNA test thing?). To others it was a show they haven’t even heard of. Right? Those are the two possible people to be? Just playing! That show was not for me, but I’m sure it was for SOMEONE. Not enough someones, clearly, but still. Good luck to Mr. Lopez in all of his future endeavors. Our thoughts and prayers are with the things that everyone else was thinking that he will no longer be able to say during this difficult time.