Check Out How Cute This Bear Cub Is

It’s unfortunate for humans that dangerous animals like this adorable little bear cub are so adorable when they are babies. Because I just WANT THIS SO BAD. But I can never have it. Because it gets to be really big and then you get Grizzly Man’d. I’ll probably never even get to play with it at a zoo or anything because I’m not sure if any zoo lets you do that. But I guess that’s life. Watching videos on the internet of people playing with animals you’ll never get to play with. Unless, and this is what I’m banking on, within the next five or ten years science develops (or releases, if it has already been developed secretly) a way to keep tiny baby animals like bears and tigers as tiny babies until they die. That is nothing but a win/win/winwinwinwwinwin. Who DOESN’T want to be a baby all the time? “Next thing you’ll know they’ll develop this thing so human babies will just stay babies forever and that won’t be good,” is what the LEFT or RIGHT will say. But I’d like to respond to that right now before they can even say it: Nobody wants a human baby forever, so can I please just have a bear baby for a couple of years until it dies because the science wasn’t really perfect? That’s all I’m asking. (Via reddit.)