The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It Contest: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Insensitive Ironic T-Shirt

This is a gossip photo of former California politician and the inspiration for the hit cartoon show The Governator, and the webmaster of , Arnold Schwarzenegger, cooling down after a Presidential Fitness Test. Check out his very neat t-shirt! His new name is Mr. Cool Shirt! You probably don’t know this, because it was a Top Secret that was only discussed among the politicians inner circle, but he was until very recently married to Maria Shriver. She separated from him after learning that he had a SECRET FAMILY with one of their slaves. Servants? The point is: yikes. This shirt, TMZ points out, was given to him “last November, during a farewell party for the Governator’s staff. The shirts were actually designed by Maria’s staff, as a joke.” Good joke? I don’t get the joke. Good shirt to wear when you’re working out! Ugh. WHAT AN A-HOLE! The A-holeanator! Gross. The Grossanator. But, so, what should Maria Shriver’s sassy comeback ironic workout t-shirt say?!

Winner will receive special mention in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. And best of all, they will not have to be married to or have a secret family with Arnold “Barf” Schwarzenegger. (No luck for the rest of you Mrs. Schwarzeneggers.) (Photo montage via FilmDrunk.)