Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Eric isn’t going to be on Gossip Girl anymore!!!!!!!!! But who will be gay?!?!? -Vulture
  • The director of 30 Minutes or Less is definitely full of bologna when he says the movie has nothing to do with the real life exact thing that happened like it does in the movie. But also, I can’t wait for that movie. -FilmDrunk
  • Speaking of, let’s look at some pics of Jesse and Aziz at the premiere. Aw, love those two. -Just Jared
  • Anne Hathaway thinks her Catwoman costume is great and doesn’t GAF what you say. -MTV
  • Did you know several reels from an early Alfred Hitchcock film were found in New Zealand this week? Uhhh, yeah, me too. But they suck I guess so whatever. I know a lot about film. -Salon
  • Listen. I know we’ve, as an Internet and television and movie community, had way too much Emma Stone lately. I definitely know that. But don’t you maybe just want to read one more interview with her? I’ll just put it here and you can read it or not read it, whatever you want. -AV Club
  • Emeril Lagasse will be a judge on the new season of Top Chef. Uh, great. I bet when they asked him to do that he was like, “BAM.” Haha, right? “Bam.” -Warming Glow
  • Look at this collection of logos from fake movie and TV companies. It’s nice when a blog puts together a bunch of stuff you didn’t even know you wanted to look at but then you look at it and all the work is done for you and it’s nice. “The Internet: Try it, why not.” -Neatorama
  • Oh my god, look at this video of Whitney Port coning. I really thought coning couldn’t get any worse but look how much worse this is! -Celebuzz
  • Kumail Nanjiani attempted to write a sporty thing for Deadspin’s comedy week. -Deadspin
  • Movieline casted the Dirty Dancing reboot. No Vincent Gallo though? -Movieline
  • Judd Apatow says his Knocked Up spinoff is going to be more drama-y like Funny People. Whatever. As long as it’s not 20 million hours long, which it definitely will be. -Splitsider