Give Ginger Kid His Account Back Says Ginger Kid’s Grandma

Uh oh. She mad. She backtraced it, I’m sure, and now she is going to call the Internet Police! The truth of the matter is that this Internet stuff is driving us ALL crazy, and you guys should quit trolling her grandson and give him his account back. Come on, guys. Quit it. On a sidenote, do you know how bad I wish the Internet Police was a real thing? I feel like a lot of people who watch this video get to the part about Internet Police and think “hahaha,” but I get to that part and I think, “HOW IS THAT NOT A REAL THING WE NEED IT PUT THEM ALL IN JAIL!” Rango’s a sheriff, right? Get him.

P.S. This is CopperCab’s grandmother. Really. (Via Arbroath.)