Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend Outside Of An Airport And Is On The News By Accident

I’ve never seen a proposal on the Internet that ever seemed all that great and this one is no exception. I apologize to each of the people involved and I certainly don’t know your life, but OUTSIDE OF THE AIRPORT? Maybe he said something very sweet to her that we couldn’t here that made up for it being outside of the airport, maybe he was like, “I was going to wait until we got to a much better and more appropriate place for this but if you’ll forgive me I really just cannot wait because that’s how much I love you.” In which case I’d be like, “Aw, that’s nice.” But then they would still have to get in the car and drive all the way home, which is definitely very far away from the airport, and that would kind of suck. And then they’d get home and feel like they want to just settle in for a while and he’d probably want to take a shower and brush his teeth and put on non-airport clothes and just kind of relax because being at the airport is always terrible. And then it’s like, Well, do we celebrate now? And the moment has kind of passed. But you celebrate anyway but it’s not as good as if you could’ve just had a quiet celebration immediately. Though I am starting to think that I might be the problem to be honest. I apologize to all of the hundreds of men who plan to propose to me in the future.

Also: “Aren’t you guys too young to get married?” “Maybe she is, but I’m not.” :-/ :-/

Also: When they don’t know whether they are supposed to walk away or not, and they walk away and then turn around and then walk away and then turn around over and over and over, that is the best. (Via TheDailyWhat.)