Interns’ Corner: Picks Of The Week

The thing about Interns’ Corner — and you may or may not agree with me, though I’m sure you probably agree — is that it’s really great. It’s exciting every week because you get to watch a bunch of videos in one post and hear from some new people that you don’t generally get to hear from, and they are all very nice people. Great. Unfortunately today we are down one man — Joe, Joseph, Joey — because, you know, sometimes you’re just down a man and you have to keep moving and never look back. Never give up, never surrender. But he’ll be back next week! And until then we still have two LOVELY young lady and gentleman. So let’s hear what they have to say about some vids.

Andrew’s Pick

Videogum has a grand tradition of engaging with politics (and media coverage thereof) and rightfully calling every party involved a huge asshole. Sometimes, of course, the amount of concentrated insufferable jerk reaches critical mass, and even those guys have to blow off some steam! (Am I using this nuclear reactor metaphor right? Hello? Is this thing on?) My video this week is from CBSNewsOnline — your favorite YouTube channel to which you totally subscribe and you like all the different YouTubes and you share them all on your fuckyeahcbsnewsonlineyoutube Tumblr — and it depicts one of those mood-lightening moments: White House Press Secretary Jay Carney accidentally calls Senator Mitch “Fartlord” McConnell (his real nickname, google it) by Jimi Hendrix’s drummer’s name. WHOOPS! And then he talks about Guided by Voices, another musical Mitch Mitchell. It’s good to know what’s going on with your government, and what is going on is: They’re talking about their favorite records! I like to imagine Jay Carney just removed his iPod headphones before coming out to speak, Robert Pollard’s voice still ringing in his ears. Hahaha. Jay Carney is cool as hell. I’m making him a mix. You will learn each other’s names someday, government. Keep at it! –Andrew

Kelly’s Pick

Attention internet. Hello! How are your cats? I have a few quick questions for you. Question the first: Why were you surprised by Mila Kunis’ Russian press conference? She’s so brown. She’s so clearly brown that when she used to admonish Fez on Topher Grace’s That ’70s Show for not being “American enough,” I used to give her a pretty hardcore side-eye. Come on, girl. Come on, all of us. Question B. How many movies is Emma Stone in? All the movies? Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand. She gives good face. But is she the only actress around anymore? I know Lilo’s gone (R.I.P.), but how about someone else? How old is Elle Fanning now? Does the youngest daughter from Full House still act? I’m just spitballing here. Hollywood is nothing but fair, so let’s spread the opportunities out! I’m sure Michelle Tanner could use the work, is all I’m saying. My last question pertains to my pick this week. The above video seems dangerous as hell. The young man unabashedly enters The Danger Zone, and manages to come out the other side unscathed! Good for him. Some of us trip and fall on the stairs three times a day, and others of us bomb down Polish salt mines on skates with the greatest of ease. Fair (not fair) enough. But, my question for you, internet, is WHAT PRICE VIDEO HITS? Because this is a good video and all, but what if homeboy without the helmet had hit a small rock in his way? What then? Would that salt mine have been sustained by the tears of that poor man’s weeping mother? If you’re going to be cool and dangerous, please take proper precautions. Because it doesn’t pay to be cool and dead. Ask Lilo. :( –Kelly