This Week In Move Trailers, You Guys

In a moment, this week’s movie trailers (you guys), but first: a gut check. How is this going for everyone? Do people like the weekly round-up of movie trailers, or would you prefer to talk about the biggest ones on an as-they-come basis? Either way makes sense, but we’ve been doing this way for a few weeks and it’s hard to tell if this is more or less successful than the old way, which was basically just treating trailers as YouTubes and giving them their own post. Well? Thoughts? Share your thoughts! And now, those trailers I was talking about:

The Sitter

Whoa. I’m worried about Jonah Hill, you guys. He looks unwell. I’m as big of a fan of physical fitness and personal improvement as the next guy (who happens to also be a very big fan of it) but there is something about these dramatic weight-losses, especially in famous, familiar faces that is deeply unsettling and kind of terrible? Like, yes, get yourself in shape and focus on your health, but he doesn’t actually look healthy? He looks less healthy now than he did when he was a big blob. I don’t know. Be careful out there, boys. As far as this movie is concerned: David Gordon Green directed it, so it gets a pass, because he is great, and I have hope, but this trailer kind of stinks. Also, do you think we will ever go back to a time where not EVERY SINGLE comedy has to have a red band trailer full of angry diarrhea and expletive-filled fuck party jokes? It is getting very exhausting!

The Darkest Hour

OK, Wanted was kind of silly, but Timur Bekmambetov also directed Night Watch and that was NOT silly. So, we will see! The trailer certainly has some fun moments and some classic “oof, right” moments, so it’s anyone’s game. That being said, a big budget alien invasion movie that takes place in Moscow is a pretty smart idea (take a nap, New York, Los Angeles, and Washington DC), although it would have been even better with actual Russians. Hopefully all these kids just get Hostel’ed by the aliens and then some Russians save the day because it’s their goddamned country, hello?!


I literally cannot watch this. I’ve tried twice. What is it? I know it’s weird and boring and full of biscuit faces and completely unwatchable, but what IS it?!

Like Crazy

(500) Days Of Like Crazy! Juuuuuust kidddddding. Sure! You know the drill. Lowkey indie cinema exploration of young love. Got it. OUR generation’s Blue Valentine, I’m sure.