This Week In GIFs

Oh great, it’s time for the GIFs! This week was a very special week because on Wednesday it was Videogum’s own Gabriel Delahaye™’s 100th birthday. And we’re STILL celebrating, because you only turn every age once and every age is a very special age and I found this great “Happy Birthday Gabriel” GIF. One thing I like to do on my birthday is make everyone I’m eating my birthday dinner with go around the table and say something they really like about me, or one of the funniest jokes I’ve ever told them. We can do that here for Gabe, if anyone would like to. I’ll start it off: One thing I really like about Gabe is how he knows how to punctuate decades, for example he has never written 80’s instead of ’80s. Happy Birthday, Gabe!

Also other things happened this week so let’s look at GIFs about them.

True Blood was on!

So was Breaking Bad!

Gabe saw Cowboys and Aliens and liked the first 40 minutes!

A chip fed a baby tiger and fixed all the world’s problems!

We got more proof that aliens exist!

Mila Kunis was our generation’s Bradley Cooper!

It was Gabe’s birthday! Happy Birthday!

Gwyneth Paltrow continued to shit gold from her mouth!

A mariachi band played to a beluga whale!

Cristy Joy had ants in her pants!