Teen Korner: A Slow Dance For Teens

No diggity no doubt!

Wussup cool dudes who do care about the way their hair looks because why should girls be the only ones who care about stuff like that it’s just nice to feel good about yourself and girls who know they’re smarter than most of the boys in their class but sometimes pretend like they’re not as smart just to get attention but don’t think there’s anything wrong with that as long as they know where the line is and are always trying to walk it because at the end of the day it is nice for people to express some interest in you and if the boys in class are a little behind in their attitudes about female intelligence and ambition then we will just have to wait for them to catch up! How y’all doin’?! Sick rad! NOKIA 450 SMARTPHONE! Today I want to rap at you about slow dancing.

Maybe some of you guys have slow danced with a special someone you’ve got your eye on and maybe you’ve even got a steady who you slow dance with at the dance, but even if you’ve never slow danced before, one day you will, and there’s a couple things you need to know if you don’t want to be embarrassed. One: you need to look miserable. Two: you need to know who you can count on. That’s it! Have fun out there!

Where is the chaperone? This dance clearly needs like 100 more chaperones. Kelly is pregnant now and Vicky started a fire in the girls bathroom. The only person who seems to be keeping things under control is Pisces. Thanks, Pisces! (Via FourFour.)