Kids Are Dumb And Think Planes Can Run On 25 Million Apples

You know the company GE, from 30 Rock? Well they’re actually a real company outside of 30 Rock and they’re doing this thing on the internet now called The GE Show, which is a series of short web videos promoting all of the new alien technology they’re slowly releasing. It’s whatever. I’m not saying go watch “The GE Show” right now, I’m just telling you that that is a thing they’re doing on the internet and to be honest I didn’t watch any other videos than the one I’m going to be talking about. In the video I’ll be highlighting today, they ask a bunch of children about their predictions for the future of air travel and aeronautics. Oh, great. Who are they going to ask about their ideas for the future of air travel and aeronautics next, PETS? I’ll give you one guess about how smart their predictions are. 

Rockets on the wings? Blue fire? Batteries? 25 million apples? Airplane that goes in space? Hey kid, ever heard of A SPACESHIP? Where do you all get your ideas, THE PLAYGROUND GARBAGE? WHERE ALL THE DUMBEST KIDS THROW THEIR BAD IDEAS?

Obviously these things are the future of air travel:

  1. Teleportation instead of airplanes.

Duh you’re welcome. (Via LaughingSquid.)