9-11: You Know, For Kids

Everyone has their own 9-11 story if they were alive on 9-11 and are from the United States of America. Gabe has told his story on Videogum before, I think. Or maybe he just hinted at the fact that he did have a story, like everyone does, and then didn’t get into it. I forget but I do remember that he mentioned it once. My story: I was in math class during freshman year of high school. It was Algebra 1, which was a class I didn’t do very well in for a long time despite the fact that I had taken it in 8th grade. I had a Jello Biafra campaign poster on my math notebook that the boy in front of me, who was actually my friend, once tore off of it and threw out the window. I laughed with him about it at the time even though it made me very sad because WTF that was my thing that I liked and printed out and taped on to my math notebook on purpose, you jerk. So anyway, that’s my story. I was in math class. Feel free to tell your kids about it when you go home. If they don’t understand it, maybe you can also buy them this 9-11 cartoon DVD that Mike Huckabee made for them.

Finally, 9-11 for OUR generation. It’s a little hard to explain my upset feelings about this because, yes, children should certainly learn about 9-11 and children like cartoons and children love cartoon versions of Saddam Hussein and cartoon explanations of death and murder and war and that “NO!” guy right before the planes hit the towers is spot on, but it does seem a little off. And I think that is coming not from the fact that it is a part of a series of cartoon videos Mike Huckabee is selling to fight against what kids are taught in schools, which is “often filled with misrepresentations, including historical inaccuracies, personal biases and political correctness,” and is clearly just a fun way to spread gross personal and political bias including, I’m sure, historical inaccuracies of its own, but instead it is coming from the pop-up talking Mike Huckabee that talks at you for like an hour and a half when you go to the website for these videos. That is too long for a talking pop-up! What are you thinking! That is ridiculous! (Via BuzzFeed.)