Skydiving Grandmother Is Great But Also A Liar

I had a professer in college who made us address him as “Old Dude.” I bring this up because there’s a point in this video where a man calls the grandma “girl,” and I was thinking, If I’m an old lady and some jerkoff calls me “girl” I’m going to murder them. But then I thought, What would I rather? “Old Lady”? I wouldn’t rather that. Just don’t say anything to me when I’m old is I guess what I’m saying. Hopefully the world will end before I’m old anyway so I can be a young angel. There’s nothing worse than an OLD angel. But anyway, this video. Let’s talk about that now! This grandmother is great, clearly. She’s skydiving, which is something that I would like to do but probably never will, and also she didn’t fall apart on the way down, which is impressive and surprising. But one thing she says kind of stuck out to me as a bunch of BS and I’d like to discuss that right now:

It gets better and better, and just when you think it can’t get any better, IT GETS BETTER.

Nope! That’s very wrong. It gets better and worse and better and worse until you reach an age where it only gets worse. Sorry, GRANDMA. There are few hard truths in this word and that’s one of them. Oh also happy birthday, Gabe. (Via BuzzFeed.)