Best New Party Game 57: Birthday Movies

You guys, it’s my birthday today. Pretty impressive. To quote one of my Facebook wall posts, “very exciting.” Hahah. Indeed! (Thank you, Sarah.) It’s almost too much to handle for all of us, I’m sure. The only way to even deal with the tension and excitement is with a party. And where there is party smoke there is game fire. What? I had wine at lunch, THAT IS WHAT. Can we just play, already? It’s my special day. Don’t ruin it. So, Birthday Movies:

  • Catch Me If You Candles
  • Pin The American Tail On The Donkey
  • A Clear And Presents Danger
  • Half-Caked
  • Birthday of the Jackal

Fun! The greatest gift you could give me is 1,000 comments on this post. JUST KIDDING, I WILL TAKE A BEST BUY GIFT CARD, THANK YOU!