Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Green Lantern sequel will be “darker and edgier.” Will you see it now? That you know that? Yes? You’re very excited for it now? Oh, great! -FilmDrunk
  • Watch this video of a puppy trying to psych itself up to walk down stairs. Awwwww. -TheDailyWhat
  • Leo and Serena riding bikes in the city. Be careful, guys! Riding a bike in the city is scary and you’re both beautiful! -The Superficial
  • It’s well know that outtakes are the best part of movies. But what about outtakes from movies that look very bad? Are THOSE still good outtakes? You be the judge with the Change-Up outtakes! -Huffington Post
  • Adam Scott’s heart is broken because he couldn’t take part in the Adult Swim Party Down reunion. Aw. I will unbreak your heart, Adam! E-mail me! -Reuters
  • Katie Holmes barked at a raccoon once, whatever that means. The stars, they’re just like us! -Dlisted
  • Do you think Sarah Jessica Parker DOs or DOs NOT take the subway? You take a guess and then we’ll compare whether we got it right or not in the comments. -Celebuzz
  • Charlyene Yi is going to be on House next season. That’s weird, right? -EW
  • Another installment of Movieline’s “Bad Movies We Love,” this time with 17 Again. Great. I love that movie too. Any movie with Chandler. -Movieline
  • Jessica Alba can’t imagine having more kids. What’s the quote that I’m thinking of from where someone says they can’t imagine something and then someone says it’s easy to imagine things, you can imagine anything you want. Is it a comedian? Is it from Good Burger? I hope it’s not something embarrassing. But anyway, that. -Just Jared
  • Homer Simpson is going to be on Parks & Rec next season. Yes, THE Homer Simpson. The CARTOON. Just kidding though not the cartoon. Ugh what am I even doing. -Vulture
  • 8-Bit Breaking Bad because why not, right? It’s Friday! It’s Friday, right? Yaaay. -BuzzFeed