Poodlemelon On A Water And Other Summer Vids

I can’t believe it’s August 3rd. No one can. It’s going to be the #1 thing discussed around every water cooler for the rest of the week. It’s basically winter already and I’ve barely done anything remotely summery. I haven’t even tried on a romper and thought about buying it before ultimately deciding that it was not for me, and that was like my #1 summer thing that I wanted to do. You know how many times I’ve been to the beach? One, BARELY. It doesn’t even count because all we did was eat a hotdog and go to the arcade basically because it was raining. Do you have any more questions about my summer? Jeeze, pry, pry, pry. But anyway, I figure we could ALL use a bit more summer in what’s left of our stupid too-hot summer, while we sit at our computers and think about the next song we want to play on Turntable. And what’s more summery than watermelon, right? Nothing. Don’t even try to think of anything more summery than a watermelon because I’m sure you can’t do it, let’s just all watch this video together.

Great job, poodle! You are very good at that. Very summery. You know what else is nice to watch at your computer when you want something summery?

And also:

Oh and duh:

So basically summer is, to recap:

  1. Dog on watermelon.
  2. Beach scenes.
  3. Margarita.
  4. Operation Ivy youtube cover.

Let’s all get out there and live our summers to the fullest with these four main ingredients!!!! (Dog video via SayOMG.)