Airlifted Dog Story Sounds Reasonable

We talk a lot here on Videogum about how it makes us feel a bit uncomfortable when we see animals getting treated better than the way most human beings are treated. That’s kind of “our thing.” “Videogum — It’s a website about how on the one hand it’s very cute and nice when we see animals getting a second chance at life through over-the-top means, but also how on the other hand it makes you feel uncomfortable when you put it in this context,” is what I say to all of my relatives when they ask what I do for a living. I do have to carry around that picture in my wallet but hey that’s the job. But when you have a story about a turtle getting a wheel for a leg, for instance, it’s not SO difficult to look past the fact that maybe there are some legless humans who could’ve used that wheel and onto the fact that Awww, turtle. Because turtles are already very silly, and a turtle with a wheel leg is extra silly. But when you have a story about a dog, after being taken on a mountain hike with its owners and getting too tired to go back down the mountain after the hike is over, spending the night on the mountain with its owners so it could, the next day, be airlifted “to safety,” well. 

I don’t know, you can only point out how backwards things are so many times before the point your making becomes tiresome, but A HELICOPTER? BECAUSE THEY COULDN’T CARRY THE DOG AND THE DOG WAS TIRED AND ALSO HAD CUTS ON ITS PAWS? Listen, do you know how many times I’ve done something halfway and then decided that I was way too tired to actually complete what I was doing and just wanted to lie down and die? And I’m not even a starving child! Here are some examples:

  1. Riding a bike over the Brooklyn bridge.
  2. Shopping at Ikea and realizing that all of the shit I wrote down wasn’t actually in stock.
  3. Walking home in a snow storm. This was actually just that I wanted to lie down and die at the halfway point.
  4. Travelling to Philadelphia on a bus.
  5. Going to the beach using public transportation.
  6. Moving to a new apartment.
  7. Being on the phone with internet provider.
  8. Walking somewhere far away only to realize that that places closes 20 minutes before you got there.
  9. Going somewhere and then realizing that the train you took there won’t be running when you’re going to want to go home.
  10. Any physical activity.

But sometimes you just have to SUCK IT UP and MOVE FORWARD. Now, I’m sure that this dog is not a human and you can’t just tell a dog to “suck it up.” But also this dog is not a human and maybe you shouldn’t call the police and have them send a helicopter for it because it is tired. I’m not sure what they should have done in this scenario, but I feel like they could have at least just had the police send someone up the mountain with a dog carrying case and then carried the dog down the mountain? Actually, when I said I wasn’t sure what they should have done, that was a lie. They should have just done the exact thing that I just said. Or any other of the many reasonable options I’m sure there could have been. Everyone’s an idiot and it is very upsetting.* (Via Abroath.)

*Also Videogum’s “thing.”