Mila Kunis Is OUR Generation’s Bradley Cooper

A couple of months ago, the women of America lost their MINDS when Bradley Cooper spoke some passable high school French on a talk show (pas d’offense). Fair enough! Trust me, I get it. Women were like, “wait a second, he’s incredibly handsome, he starred in my favorite movie of all time, Limitless, AND he speaks French?” (Gotcha, Limitless. You thought you were off the hook but I gotcha!) Well, go lie down on your day beds and take a powder ladies, because this one is STRICTLY 4 THA FELLAS. At a recent press junket for Friends with Benefits, Mila Kunis busted out her RUSSIAN. Yowza! Sure, French is the language of love and Russian is the language of borscht, but still: hot stuff! Mila Kunis, you guys. Who knew! If you had told me a year ago that the actress who did the voice of the dog on Family Guy was about to have a real Hollywood Starlette Moment I would have told you that I don’t watch Family Guy because it’s terrible and shame on you for watching Family Guy.

I wouldn’t mind getting inside her ACTOR’S STUDIO if you know what I mean. (So gross. I’m very sorry. Call me, Mila Kunis, so I can apologize to you. Nailed it. I’m flirting!) (Via HuffingtonPost.)