Don’t Start Early OR Late, You Guys, Start On Time

Oof. This video breaks my heart. Remember, you guys, it’s important to start things when they are supposed to be started. If you start them too early or too late there’s a very good chance that you will be disqualified. An older and wiser person might tell you that this is not true. They might tell you that life is simply a collection of a multitude of experiences, and that each experience, whether it is perceived at the time as “good” or “bad” is simply another meaningful push along the road and that you learn as much from your failures as you do from your successes, so that ultimately what is important is simply to LIVE, to take things as they come, from one experience to the next, to deal with things as best you can, and to always be moving forward and embracing the confusion, pain, joy, and wisdom that you collect along the way. But I’m telling you, JUST START ON TIME. Belly-flopping into the pool by yourself at the race is FUCKING EMBARRASSING. Start on time. Just start on time. Wait for the signal. Start on time. On your marks. Get set. Start on time. (Via StuffIStoleFromTheInternet.)