Brother And Sister Are Full Of Raw Eye Touching Game Talent

“See how close you can get to my eye without touching it” is a very fun, timeless game. It’s also very fun to call someone’s bluff when they’re like, “I’m going to touch your eyeball,” and you’re like, “Whatever, do it.” And then they eventually get too freaked out and you’re the winner. That’s great. Even if they do end up actually touching your eyeball you’re still the winner because you kept your cool, which is really the goal in that game if you think about it. As we can see in this video, this little boy is on his way to becoming a real ETG contender. As is his little sister. The boy has a bit too much spunk and maybe got a little too sure of himself after what we can only assume was a previous win, but he has an innate ability that — in addition to his own hard work — could really take him places (eyeballs). To talk about his sister for a moment: That girl clearly just has it. She even leans INTO the poke, smiling the whole time. All she has to do is keep up that fearless spirit and she’s set for life. A real special pair, these two.

Another fun game to play is to try to give someone a wet willy with their own spit. I am very good at all of the games mentioned within this post. (Via SayOMG.)