This Is Just A Good Campaign Commercial For Michele Bachmann

Well, it’s a wrap. Now that Michele Bachmann has nailed down the all-important Brianna and Jolene endorsement, I don’t know how Barack Saddam Hussein NOBAMA can possibly hope to win re-election in 2012. What do you think is these girls’ most important consideration when choosing a candidate? I think it’s which one hates fags more. Michele Bachmann has a pretty unwavering stance on hating fags. Then again, they do live in Phoenix, Arizona, so maybe they are just looking for someone who will build a wall around Mexico and keep out those smelly rascals. Whatever it is, I’m sure that it’s thoughtful and politically astute. These girls wouldn’t just throw their estimable weight behind a candidate without doing their research. No way, Jose. (Wait a second, Jose, how did you get over the wall?!) I just wish Congress would finally act on my legislative proposal to change the voting age to nine. We need some new ideas in Washington, and who better to offer those ideas than charming young citizens like Brianna and Jolene? No more Adults Only Swim in the public pools and free Coca Cola in all the drinking fountain! Gay people are legally GROSS! No taxation without reprePOGSation! (Thanks for the tip, Andy.)