Fire-Breathing Pony Robot. What?

What? It’s a fire-breathing pony robot. What about it? That is my impression of these dudes. “Hey Trey, apparently this dude’s never seen a fire-breathing pony robot before.” “That’s hilarious. Punch him in the dick, and then let’s walk to Taco Bell.” The guy wearing a skirt and talking on his cellphone in the background is like “You gotta get down here, man, there is a fire-breathing pony robot. Yeah, I’m serious. What? No, I’m not wearing a skirt!” But by the time his friend shows up it will be too late because these two nonchalant dudes will already be sitting in a booth at Taco Bell with their fire-breathing pony robot enjoying a half-dozen crunch wraps supreme. They are so over it. (Via BoingBoing.)