The Videogum “Louis C.K. Promise”: The Late Show With David Letterman

Last night on Letterman, Louis took a break from sitting on couches talking about his TV show to do some straight-up comedy. Verrrry niiiice!

Louis C.K. is really funny! It’s weird that no one ever talks about how funny he is and that he doesn’t get any press or TV shows. Oh well, our little secret! I honestly wish every day could start with a Louis C.K. stand-up set. That’s MY morning coffee. Just kidding. My morning coffee is morning coffee. (You know what is gross? People who drink Diet Coke for breakfast. Or really just anyone who drinks Diet Coke before 11PM.) It would be nice, though, to have one of these every morning. Hoda and Kathie Lee should really consider reconfiguring the fourth hour of the Today Show to include more Louis C.K. stand-up material. Like, when that blonde girl* gets hospitalized for taking too many Phony Cheerfulness Pills, he could fill in for her “The Perfect Make-up For Your Facebook Photo” segments.

*I like how I refer to her as that blonde girl and pretend like I don’t know what her name is. It’s Sarah Haines! Follow her on Twitter!