Finally, A Sports Thing I Can Understand

It is well documented that I do not care for sports. Neither does Gabe, I don’t think, so it’s rare that any exciting sports news gets covered on Videogum. Plus it’s not a sports website? I’m sorry if you’ve been coming here after every running dunk and torchdown hoping for coverage, but I hate to break it to you that this is indeed not a sports website. It’s a homepage about trampoline accidents. I hope you still stay, though! And what I’m trying to get at here is that if you’re a big sports guy, today is your lucky day! Because it just so happens that I completely understand what is going on in the biggest sports news of the day and feel completely confident covering it. Roll the clip, Felicity Huffman from when she was on Sports Night

Ahhhh!!! AHHHHH!!! The scariest part is when he turns around and thinks it’s off of him, BUT IT’S NOT!

My goodness! But yes, this I completely understand. No rules that seem like they’re in place for no reason, no scoring that seems mostly random, no injuries. Just terror at the hands of a giant insect. Duh! Sports! You’re welcome, sports fans! (Via BuzzFeed.)