Just Spitballing Some Ideas For The Sex And The City Prequel

I don’t know about you guys, but I really miss my Sex and the City gals. Six seasons and two movies is not enough! Twelve more seasons! Eight more movies! Lots! Of! Spinoffs! Here’s a real thing: I went to see the first movie when it premiered at midnight with all of my male friends’ girlfriends. It was exactly how it sounds! Anyway, luckily, LADIES and MOSTLY GAY GENTLEMEN, NOT TO STEREOTYPE BUT JUST TO BE HONEST, it looks like we won’t have to say goodbye to our pals just yet! There’s a prequel in the works, based on SATC creator Candice Bushnell’s two younger-people novels, The Carrie Diaries and Summer and the City. In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily (we’ve all read it but just to refresh), Bushnell had this to say about it:

Every character has a back-story — what the reader sees, in a sense, is the tip of the iceberg. The characters don’t exist in a vacuum. When we first meet them, in their thirties and single in New York, they are, in a sense, in the middle of their stories, which is what makes the Carrie Diaries series so satisfying.

I was wondering about what made the Carrie Diaries series so satisfying! A few days ago there was a rumor floating around that the cast would be made up of Blake Lively, Selena Gomez, Emma Roberts, and Elizabeth Olsen. That has since been denied by all of those people, soooo:

So if we’re going to portray the girls growing up in New York City, I think we should set it at some sort of fancy private school. Nothing says “Growing Up In New York City” like a fancy private school. Plus, think of the fabulous ways Carrie can show her creativity through accessorizing! Speaking of Carrie, I’m going to throw this name out there:

Blake Lively

In the rumor I previously mentioned, Blake was said to be going for the role of Samantha. But I think this casting is a bit more on the nose, and I think we could do a little better with Samantha. In order to give a nod and a wink to the original series, why not have Samantha be a bit younger than everyone else? Everyone loves a wink, and I think this wink is a particularly good one. But, you’d have to find someone younger than the rest of the cast who still embodies that classic Samantha spirit. My guess would be:

Taylor Momson

Oh, that is just TOO good. Then you’d have to find someone to counter Taylor’s agressive spirit. Someone seemingly meek, with brown hair. Someone like:

Leighton Meester

Yes yes yes! And finally, you’d have to find a suitable Miranda. But who in Hollywood could be that annoying? Someone who takes herself too seriously, is the worst, is the one everyone doesn’t like, and maybe comes from a different section of the city which would help to explain her inflated — even in THIS crowd — self-satisfaction? Omg maybe:

Jessica Szohr

Holy moly! Now THAT’S what I call movie! But it can’t just be a bunch of girls running around doing whatever. There have to be BOYS TO KISS. And for that I’m just going to throw out some names, stop me if you ever think I go off-course.

Ed Westwick

Chance Crawford

Pen Badgley

Sebastian Stan

Wallace Shawn

Right? I’ve never claimed to be a casting director, but I think this is some PRETTY smart casting. And maybe instead of Carrie wanting to be a writer, the show is centered around some sort of a gossip writer who is not a member of the group? You still have writing in there and gossip, which are the cornerstones of the SATC empire, so I think that would be a nice way to put a fun new twist on it. Whatever, you know, just throwing out ideas. Maybe you can call it The Gossip Girls? Working title. Think about it and get back to me.