Super Mario Jitterbug Dance Routine, Duh

Remember when you had to take dance classes sometimes in grade school? For some reason? And it would be embarrassing and you wouldn’t know what you were doing and you always got paired up with a sweaty guy who creeped you out even though you were both very young, and you wished you could just have regular gym class so you could play crab soccer or with the parachute? I had these experiences roughly three years ago or so, so the pain it is still very fresh. And that pain is exactly what this video of two contestants in the 2011 National Jitterbug Championship calls to mind. A mix of that pain and of jealousy. And of entertainment. Pain + Jealousy + Entertainment, just like when I [some kind of a joke].

Haha, great video. Perfect dance. Perfect nerds. The worst part about this video is learning that they CAME IN FOURTH PLACE. Out of five! I can’t even imagine what the other contestants had to do to beat this. Sex stuff? With the judges? I’m sorry to get real here but that’s the only thing I can imagine the other contestants had to do to win when pit against this duo.

Other Contestant 1: I hear those two people are going to dress as the Mario Brothers and do a dance to the song from that game.
Other Contestant 2: Well. We talked about this.

And then they unzip their pants. I’m sorry! I don’t deicide reality, I just talk about it. (Via reddit.)