UNDENIABLE Evidence: Aliens Exist And Walk Among You

Put on your tinfoil hats! Grab your water bottles! Grab your Reese’s Pieces™! Grab your athletic sneakers! Grab your lightest clothing but bring a a few items so you can layer! Grab your cell phone and your charger! Grab some chapstick! Maybe some mascara, basically your desert island cosmetics! Put it all in a backpack! Now GTFOOOOO!

As you will see in this Google Earth video, Aliens have invaded the earth, specifically the airspace over Cape Town, South Africa. As any thinking human knew, it was only a matter of time before our quiet planet got the alien wakeup call it DESERVED. And that time has come. Will they be nice? NO. OF COURSE NOT. They aren’t here to make friends. Why would they come to Earth to make friends? They have ENOUGH friends back on planet bing b0op. They are here to win. And for them Winning™, which is a reference that they have just received and is brand new to them so BE PREPARED, is murdering you and your family and leaving Earth as just another rock in a big place full of rocks (space). Oh well, we had a good run. Did you think they’d let us steal all that alien technology (iPhone, Apple TV, Kindle, Ketchup Robot) for free? Give me a break! Click through for the chilling evidence IF YOU DARE.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! And they look exactly how we’ve imagined them for a million+ years. Or maybe they’re shape-shifters and have just taken on our preconceived image of them in order to better alert us to their presence. Or MAYBE aliens are not invading and they just send their alien pets to Earth sometimes to scare us and those are their alien pet carrying cases. And they’re like, “Huh, it’s weird that you figured out the carrying cases?” And they really kind of respect us for that, but not that much because also they’re not travelling around in carrying cases for their pets. Whatever the case, it’s very clear that aliens have invaded and we are about to die at their hand. Oh well. Bye, guys! It’s a cookbook! (Via reddit.)