This Glowsticks In Blenders Video Is I Guess An Ad For Yogurt?

This video — which is, like, 80% set up and then 20% glowstick in blender, unfortunately — is an ad for Bon Yurt, a Colombian yogurt brand. “Ohh, I wondered why I wanted some Bon Yurt.” – You, me, everyone. Which is weird. It reminds me of those advertisements for…I forget what, actually. Maybe Smirnoff or something? I think it was Smirnoff. Where it would just be young people in a room doing weird stuff and then at the end it would say, “WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THIS HAPPENED? WERE YOU HERE FOR IT? BE THERE FOR IT.” or something like that and it would show the logo. I wonder how well those work. I mean, I’m talking about this ad, obviously, so I guess it’s working well enough? But I certainly won’t buy any yogurt. But maybe you will? Guys, please don’t buy any Bon Yurt after this. Instead go buy a bunch of glowsticks and then get a blender and make your OWN glowsticks in blenders video*, and have it be 100% glowsticks in blenders, no filler, and then come back and post the videos on YouTube and send them to me and I’ll enjoy them in my own home because obviously we can’t post any more glowsticks in blenders videos here, we already posted this one. (Via Gizmodo)

*I don’t know if this is safe.