How Long Can You Listen To This ’90s A Cappella Dance Mix Before You Turn It Off?

It’s fun to test your limitations every so often. You get to learn something about yourself, like that girl in that Radiolab episode where she ran and ran in that Ironman competition until she collapsed and then started crawling, and you get to distract yourself from whatever else is going on in your life that maybe you don’t want to think about, like when you and your friends tried the Master Cleanse for about five hours until you got hungry and decided to order Chinese food. Each a very interesting way to spend some time in its own right. Here are some other examples of how you can test your own limits at home:

  • How long can you maintain a raw food diet?
  • How long can you watch a movie you really don’t want to watch?
  • How many days in a row can you wake up on time?
  • How long can you pretend the person you’re around doesn’t exist?
  • How long can you walk with an untied shoe before tying it?
  • How long can you stay upset with someone after you’ve forgotten the reason why you’re upset?
  • How long can you watch this ’90s a cappella dance mix video before you absolutely can’t stand it anymore oh my god please turn it off?

Twelve seconds for me, but I was on a raw food diet for three days once soooooo. (Via Huffington Post.)