Tara From True Blood’s “It Gets Better” Video (Oh Brother)

LOOK, it bears often repeating, but you really can’t fault someone (too much) for doing something to help other people, even if what they are doing is silly and nonsense and probably won’t help anyone anywhere ever. At the end of the day, they did put in some time and effort, and their heart is usually in the right place and so let’s just leave it alone. And I genuinely do hope that there’s some lonely, troubled teenager out there who just loves Rutina Wesley and Vampires and Panther People and Lesbian Thai Kickboxers and somehow this video pierces through the darkness like Sookie’s magic hand blasts and makes them feel hopeful and empowered to give life another go. Please let that be the case. But I am not sure if I have ever seen anything more phony and insincere than this Rutina Wesley “it gets better” video, and if I feel that way, you know some tweenz will feel that way, because no one has a sharper Bullshit Detector than your Average American Tweenager.

“I believe in you”?! WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT, RUTINA WESLEY?! That is the most asinine, empty, disingenuous garbage statement that I’ve ever heard, just saying “I believe in you” to whoever is watching your stupid YouTube. Ugh. And it doesn’t help that she sounds like she’s reading it off a cue card with a gun to her head. Oh man! It fills me with adolescent rage. Also: nobody is perfect. Saying someone (anyone, everyone) is perfect just the way they are doesn’t even make sense. Teenagers aren’t perfect no matter what, and lonely, disenfranchised, emotionally raw teenagers know for a fact that they’re not perfect, that’s kind of the whole problem. What they need to understand is that no one is perfect and that there is room enough for everyone in this world and that with some patience and effort we can all carve out really nice, comfortable, fulfilling and gratifying little niches for ourselves with like-minded people who love and support us and life can become bearable. But it’s not about being perfect? That’s not even part of it? Which brings us, of course, TO THE SINGING. Enough! I know it gets better but somehow I feel like this is making it worse. (Thanks for the tip, Clayton.)