Bad Swimmer Dog Reminds Us That It’s OK To Fail

Even when it’s something that you’re naturally supposed to be able to do, like swim (if you’re a dog) or, say, interact with other humans without being weird about it (if you’re a human), there are times when you just can’t. For whatever reason — maybe you can never do it, or maybe it’s just something that at the moment you’re having a hard time with — you’re just incapable. That’s normal. I’m sure there are many things that this dog IS able to do, maybe even a few that other dogs wouldn’t be able to pull off in a million years. Like, maybe he can play dead? Maybe he can sing some sort of a song in barks? Maybe he can walk next to his owner without a leash and never run away or bite anyone, even though it still looks scary and maybe he should be on a leash just in case? We don’t know. All we see is his failure. And you know what? That’s ok. That’s what makes him dog human. But let’s not judge him. Swimming is difficult. And also it is possible that the joke is on us and this dog is just doing an excellent Zach Braff in Garden State impression. In fact now that I watch that clip again I’m almost positive that that is the case. Good dog! (Via TDW.)