This Week In GIFs

You might be thinking, “Hey Kelly, I don’t know what you’re doing here with this turtle GIF. A turtle didn’t ride on a record this week, I would have definitely remembered if that happened.” Oh yeah? Well do you remember that a turtle got a wheel for a leg and kittens rode on a turntable this week? Huh? Do you remember those things? Well it’s called COMBINING THEM, look it up. Let’s get to the GIFs.

Breaking Bad came back and it was very good!

True Blood was on again and it was True Blood!

Kittens were on turntables!

Rupert Murdoch got a pie thrown in his face!

Zach Braff said he wasn’t gay!

Courtney Stodden made us all throw up everywhere, all over the place!

Children danced!

And we made up our own Entourage blind items and they were all the best!