That’s Your Girlfriend: Courtney Stodden

It must be weird for you that your girlfriend is married to another man, but then again, she is 16 and her husband is 51, and also she’s a Lizard-Faced Garbage Robot, so the fact that she is also your girlfriend is probably the least weird thing about the whole situation.

The thing that I do not understand about this marriage is that there are lots of disgusting women like this of LEGAL MARRYING AGE that Doug Hutchinson could have chosen, so what’s even the point? I mean, not to get gross about it, but if you’re going to marry a child, no pedo but wouldn’t you want one that was at least REMOTELY childlike and did not already seem like a Leathered-Out Retired Porn Demon? So fucking gross. As a marriage! Just as a marriage. Sorry, no, don’t worry, for DATING, which is what you two are doing, just have fun with it!