Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” Meme IRL OMG

“Worlds have been colliding!” “Skynet is awake!” @swag. Right? Those sound right to me, moving on. Admittedly, this is less a video of Ryan Gosling reading selections of the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” meme, and more a video of Ryan Gosling laughing and maybe not having the best time with this interviewer (who is — and I’m sorry if you know him or are him — less than delightful). But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it, right? I know YOU will enjoy it especially, much more than I will, because of how much YOU love Ryan Gosling. And yes I’m talking directly to YOU. YOU, there, looking at the computer or mobile device. What I’m trying to do here is imply that everyone in the world loves Ryan Gosling. All I can think of when I look at him, as I’ve said, is how I know a guy who looks like him and how close his eyes are to each other, but even I — EVEN I — can feel myself developing a crush on him at this moment. Ugh. I guess if something is shoved in your face enough while people scream “THIS IS GREAT THIS IS GREAT THIS IS GREAT” [Ed. Note: Hahah, I wrote this and then I thought, “Uh, Kelly? You obviously shouldn’t phrase it that way. Please erase that and pretend that you didn’t even ever see it.” but then I laughed at it out loud at it so I’m going to keep it.] you will start to think it’s kind of great too. Whatever. I wish everyone on the internet loved FLOSSING REGULARLY, am I right? Anyway, I guess MTV did the same thing with Ryan Gosling a year ago while he was promoting Blue Valentine and that video is a bit better to be honest, so here is that one too:

Haha, aww, Ryan. I wonder if you are dumb in real life? You seem a little like you might be kinda smart enough, and a little like you might be pretty dumb. Let’s get together and find out if you are dumb or not. It won’t be a date, it will just be like hanging out? Hanging out and seeing if you’re dumb or if you’re not that dumb. And whatever maybe get drinks after or something, we’ll see how it goes.