Chihuahua Foils The Perfect Crime

From the LA Times:

Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials Monday released a video of a robbery attempt foiled by an enraged and barking Chihuahua, hoping the public can identify the two assailants. The attempted robbery took place July 7 about 7:30 p.m. at Ace Smoke Shop on North Lake Avenue in Altadena. The video shows two hooded men, one armed with a rifle, running into the store and demanding money. The store owner quickly begins placing money in a robber’s backpack. As he does, his Chihuahua erupts into ferocious barking at the two men, who beat a hasty retreat, running out of the store with the backpack but taking less money than they could’ve gotten. At one point, one of the robbers even points his rifle at the diminutive but undaunted pooch, who chases the pair out of the store and down the street.

Neither the owner nor the dog was injured in the incident.

You know, this seems funny and all AFTER THE FACT because of how no one was harmed and also the immediate PANIC that seems to sweep over the two criminals as soon as the chihuahua shows up, but that dog is a fucking idiot and his owner needs to train him PROPER RESPECT FOR FIREARMS. It’s not worth, it man! The store is insured. Let them have the money and let the police deal with it, it’s not worth risking your life over! No, not roll over, risking your life over. I’m trying to explain a very serious situation to you–SITUATION, NOT SIT. Oh forget it, you stupid adorable idiot. (Via LaughingSquid.)