Operation Watch This: People’s Champion: Behind The Battle

There will forever be a place in my heart, and the HEART OF VIDEOGUM, for Eli Porter. We posted his historic freestyle rap battle against Envy in the very first week of the blog’s existence, and still think about him regularly. In many ways, Eli Porter is the human embodiment of Internet Celebrity Culture (whatever THAT even means). On the one hand, he is clearly a person with some problems, which is what made his video go “viral” (hold on, have to put a quarter in the “viral jar”) in the first place. On the other hand, he is genuinely SO GREAT, and as you see in People’s Champion: Behind the Battle, a 30 minute documentary that you can watch in its entirety after the jump, he relished the attention he got, and it has (ultimately, these things take time) been a positive thing for him. As we see on an almost daily basis on this blog, the Internet is an endless Swamp of Sadness that will eventually kill all of the Artaxes, but every once in awhile for the briefest of moments the massive dark clouds of impenetrable swamp gas iPart and let the sun meme TUMBL through. This is one of those moments! Watch: