Crossing The Street Is Dangerous, Maybe Don’t Do It

Yesterday, as I was walking from one place to another place, I saw a person on a bicycle get hit by a person in a car. For reasons that I won’t get into I’ve been wearing glasses that aren’t my current prescription, so it was blurry, thank God, because it may have been gruesome, but it definitely happened and it was terrifying! That just must be the worst thing for everyone involved. Imagine hitting a human with your car. And being hit by a car, if you’re a human! Ahhh. Anyway, that has almost nothing to do with this video, which is of a man walking slowly across a very busy street in Vietnam. But I think it’s helpful with a video like this, of a man walking across a busy street, to take a moment to reflect on how maybe we shouldn’t be crossing streets at all? It’s very dangerous. And, I don’t know, call me crazy, but is the street you’re already on really that bad? I’m not saying don’t cross the street, I’m just saying next time maybe stop and think about whether or not it’s worth it. 

This guy obviously did a very good job of not dying, but we can’t all be that lucky. And you might be thinking, Well, the streets where I live aren’t really like this street, and we have designated turns for walking and driving and really it’s perfectly safe, so I don’t really see the problem here. And to that I would counter: It’s your funeral. What songs do you want to play at your funeral. James Taylor, “Fire and Rain”? Great. I’ll queue it up. (Via VVV.)